Friday, March 21, 2014


I recently was asked to put my painting 'The Placegetters' into an upcoming art show called "Marvellous Melbourne" being held in conjunction with the Melbourne Grand Prix. When I took it down off the wall I thought it really needed some changes that had been bothering me for quite a while and this was an opportunity to revisit the piece. The background in particular needed to be changed, there was just too much green, so I thought I would layer some colours and add the sand track to add a bit of depth. Here are the before and afters of the painting and I am much happier with the finished result, well worth doing! What do you think?

"The placegetters" 36" x 48"

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


"Tone and Texture" was the theme, with horses and elephants the inspiration, for my last pencil workshop conducted this past weekend. Seven artists attended, ranging in age from a vibrant teenager to equally bubbly older ladies. The group jelled so well with the common interest of drawing and the creative energy in the studio was quite tangible and made for a fun and productive weekend. They were all keen to develop their skills in drawing and tackled some quite difficult subject matter with determination and diligence. I love to encourage the use of pencil and the versatility of drawing and it is so rewarding to receive grateful and positive feedback in return, it's a win, win situation for us all!

                                  Sunday afternoon - photo credit Bruce Kirby

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The Old Post Office Gallery at Seymour, where my work is represented in Australia, hosts a wonderful annual group art show featuring wildlife. This year, they incorporated equine art as well. The show opened on Sunday and was well attended. Time and again I heard the same comments, 'What a wonderful show!" and it was. It is so refreshing for me as an artist with a passion for these two genres to see such a lovely collection of this art and they worked in well together. If you are passing Seymour, it is well worth stopping in and taking a look. I have four originals in the show as well as some prints.

'Ticked off!' is one of the originals done in oil. I saw this magnificent male giraffe in Tanzania where he had a line-up of tick birds along his neck. After a while, he got annoyed with all the pecking and shooed them off!

'Ticked off!'  24" x 18"