Monday, December 9, 2013


"Drawn to horses" was the title of the last two-day workshop that I conducted here in my studio. We did some studies on eyes, ears, noses and manes then put it all together and drew the whole horse. I enjoy passing on techniques and knowledge I have accumulated over the years and seeing the results with keen students putting it all in to practice. Although drawing is basically an outline that is shaded in, it's the choices and experience that go together to make it a fine art piece. Some choices are: drawing your passion, choosing a good composition, choosing quality art supplies, choosing to be disciplined, etc and of course experience is your time spent drawing, learning and honing your talent. As usual, it was a great weekend and wonderful to meet some lovely new ladies that love to draw horses! Stay posted for the date of the next one!


I chose to pull this drawing out of the frame and re-work it which has made it a much stronger piece - a good choice:)

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