Monday, December 2, 2013


We have come to the end of our challenge that, at times, up to six other artists contributed work to. It has been a truly great experience and has kept us all intrigued and connected with each other. Firstly, may I say 'Congratulations' to each and every one of you for your weekly efforts. A special mention to Anne, who never missed a week, well done! The challenge was put in place to encourage us all to complete one artwork every week and keep a focus, as distractions can easily mount up and overcrowd our creative process. Here then, are the final 'Z' pieces… and thank you all so much for your diligence and let's see if we can come up with a new challenge for next year!

        From Anne, her final piece "zzz kitty", pen and pencil on paper.

Final sketch from Nik "Zombie", pencil.

Sue's last piece for the challenge is "zzzzzz", pencil on paper.

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