Tuesday, November 5, 2013

W for the artists

It has been a busy week for some of our artists and I have only 2 images in so far for 'W' so I will go ahead and post them. The first one is drawn by Nik and is an excellent drawing of a wizard rendered in charcoal, again one of her favoured subjects which comes across in the piece, well done Nik! Great composition and good value contrast. The second piece is from Anne and is a pencil drawing titled "Watching kitty". This is a nice little drawing and again a favourite subject that captures the gesture of the cat in a relaxed style. Thank you both for sending in your work. Next week is 'X' and I thought we could have a couple of options: one being, you might have an 'x' subject that you've found or maybe because that's a bit difficult, a subject of your choice. Let me know your thoughts if you would like something different.

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