Monday, November 18, 2013

Two more 'Y' pieces

So hard to believe where the time is going and we are virtually at the end of the challenge with the letter 'y' this week. The first piece in is a quick sketch from Nik done in pen on paper and is titled 'Yeti',  a great idea for the week and a very scary looking beastie! Next in is a lovely soft drawing done in watercolour pencils called "Yellow centres" from Anne. It is nicely composed and  well drawn. Thank you both for sending in your work and look forward to seeing your pieces for next week which will be the grand finale!


We're nearly at the end of our challenge and yes it's the second last letter of the alphabet 'Y' that is our inspiration for the week and I'm posting a day early as I won't be at the computer for a couple of nights. I could think of many subjects but chose this well known little bird that co-exists with many of the plains game that inhabit the African savannah. It is a "Yellow billed oxpecker" and it's doing it's job of gathering ticks and other insects off a zebra.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

One more 'X'

Robby has sent in a great painting in oil for the letter 'X'. It is called "X-country" an X-treme sport for the brave and dedicated. She has done an excellent job of this picture, it's full of movement and excitement, thanks for sending it in.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'X' from the artists

It is great to see that we were not daunted by the tricky letter of 'X' this week and I have had two very good submissions which I am delighted with. The first one in is a quick sketch in colour pencil from Nik which is the lovely native grass tree called the "Xanthorrhoea". Well done Nik for thinking of this one and sending in a lovely, well-composed drawing. The second piece in is also a drawing in colour pencil from Anne titled "Xmas kitty". A very inventive and colourful piece and in the spirit of the festive season that will soon be upon us. Thank you again for sending in your work and as we draw closer to the end of the challenge with only two weeks (and letters) to go, I look forward to seeing what subjects arrive next week.

'X' week

Well we have arrived at the mystery 'X' week and I have been waiting with anticipation as to what inventive subjects we would all come up with. I dug up a reference photo taken a few years ago from a trip I did to the U.S. I was travelling with a friend and we had pulled over to watch a young Red-tail hawk hunting close to the ground. He flew down and grabbed a small vole from a field and then landed with his prize on a nearby slope on some fallen timber. The natural shape of the two fallen logs has inspired my quick sketch for the week, titled "X marks the spot".

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

W for the artists

It has been a busy week for some of our artists and I have only 2 images in so far for 'W' so I will go ahead and post them. The first one is drawn by Nik and is an excellent drawing of a wizard rendered in charcoal, again one of her favoured subjects which comes across in the piece, well done Nik! Great composition and good value contrast. The second piece is from Anne and is a pencil drawing titled "Watching kitty". This is a nice little drawing and again a favourite subject that captures the gesture of the cat in a relaxed style. Thank you both for sending in your work. Next week is 'X' and I thought we could have a couple of options: one being, you might have an 'x' subject that you've found or maybe because that's a bit difficult, a subject of your choice. Let me know your thoughts if you would like something different.

'W' is for wolf

We are rapidly nearing the end of our ABC challenge with only the last three letters of the alphabet to go! How quickly it has passed by and what fun it has been! This week 'W' was our inspiration letter and it prompted me to finish a drawing that I had started a few months ago and appropriately it is of a 'wolf' and a double whammy as it's standing in 'water'. I enjoyed composing this piece and drawing the water which showed the reflection as well as the shadow of the wolf and has the mystery of something unseen in the water that has caught his attention.

            14 1/2" x 11 1/4" graphite on Arches watercolour paper