Thursday, September 26, 2013

'Q' - My piece

Due to an illness in my family with a resulting visit interstate, I am a little late with my piece for this week so I'm not sure if 'Q' should be for 'quick' instead of Quarter Horse! A very basic sketch but I think I captured some typical characteristics of the breed. On to 'R' next week...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Three artists have submitted their pieces for this week with the letter of the week being 'Q'. First is a quick sketch from Sue of a 'quirky' animal and also one of her favourites which is a meerkat, must say I'm very fond of them too! She has really captured the soft fur and cute expression on this little fellow. Anne has sent in a 'quill' which is a great idea for the letter and a nicely composed pen and ink drawing. I like the complementary use of colours. From Rob this week is a drawing of a 'Quokka' from a photo she took some years ago, also a quirky little animal! Well done to you all!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Four artists submit 'P' artworks

This week sees the return of Rob after an absence of a few weeks, so good to have you back! Rob's piece this week is titled "Peek-a-boo", a lovely little pencil sketch with a lot of character and a great subject and interpretation of the letter. Sue has sent in a lively oil painting titled 'Polo' with two polo ponies in full action, very nicely done! I really like the brushstrokes on the horse's legs suggesting the movement. Thanks too to Nic for her coloured pencil drawing of a "Pair of pears" which look very ripe and juicy. Lastly from Anne this week is a portrait in oil of one of her horses 'Pelly', although unfinished it is showing some great potential. Thank you again for producing some wonderful artworks and being part of the ABC challenge! I look forward to seeing what we come up for next week being the letter 'Q" !!

'P' is for paint

'P' is for paint but that did not happen in my studio this week, in fact the whole week turned to mush! Sometimes external affairs dominate and have to be tended to and therefore I got no new work done for the ABC challenge, so I have grabbed a small study I did in May that is of a paint youngster that I can use for the letter of the week being 'P', it is a 6" x 8" oil on gessoed board.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'O' from three artists

The week has zoomed around and it's time to post the artists pieces with our new letter of 'O'. Again this week it has been fun to see the variety of subjects and media that has arrived for me to post on the blog. The first piece in is a pencil drawing of an owl from Nic, very accurate and I feel quite drawn in by it's eyes. A change in media from Anne with a nicely done pen and wash piece called 'Orange cat'. I like the way the cat seems so relaxed. The third piece is in pastel from Sue, a very nicely rendered 'Overcast' sky with great appeal from the colour and texture. Again well done and thank you all for being part of the ABC challenge this week!

O is for Ostrich

East Africa is abundant with birds of all shapes, sizes and colours. One of my favourites would be the ostrich for it's sheer size and the fact it is flightless but has adapted to survive so well amongst all the predators that it shares it's territory with. We got quite close to this male ostrich who appeared to be showing off in front of his ladies.

                            This is an 8" x 6" oil on gessoed board.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

'N' subjects from the artists

This week has again produced some diverse subjects from the artists. First piece in this week was "Nourishment", a very nicely composed oil painting from Sue of a young foal getting it's daily nourishment from it's mother, a well planned little painting. Next to come in was a coloured pencil drawing of some "Nasturtiums" from Anne. This is a colourful piece, nicely composed. Lastly is "Nautilis" from Nicole, also coloured pencil on black paper which gives the colours on the shellfish some real punch, well done to all of you!

My 'N' piece

This was an interesting letter to choose a subject for, not so many choices as some of the other letters. I am very fortunate to have a large reference library of photos but this one stumped me for a while until I came up with 'Nellie' alias Black Caviar. I am going to paint a portrait of this famous mare and this is a preliminary sketch for one of the possibilities. It's 8" x 12" graphite.