Friday, August 23, 2013


Recently I took a workshop in a nearby town with a really wonderful group of ladies that were keen to develop their skills in painting animals in oils. As I travelled there I was so taken with the beautiful countryside that was lit by the warm early morning sun, the dew sparkling and a gentle mist rising... just breathtaking. I began the day discussing my process in developing a painting from the beginning: design, values, edges, good reference material, knowledge of your subject, etc followed by a short demo of colour mixing. I took along a painting that I am currently working on, some mares and foals running, that is a good example of a using a limited palette and what can be achieved using just a few colours. Late in the morning the ladies got stuck in to their own pieces and I was so impressed with their passion and perseverance. Some great results were achieved. All in all, a great day!

Here is a photo showing the painting I was working on, the underpainting and then the partial progress in the next coat from the left.

The ladies at work

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