Wednesday, August 14, 2013

K for the artists

We are lucky in Australia that we have a choice of wildlife beginning with k and a couple of our artists have chosen these animals for their subjects this week. It is interesting that we have all picked different subjects again and so here they are:
The first painting is 'Kitty', a nice study of the artist's cat which will be developed into a more detailed painting at some stage. This artist has only just begun to use oil paints and has done a great job with this piece, feeling her way. The second piece is a very nice pencil drawing of a 'Kookaburra' which looks like there was quite a bit of time put in to the feathers and detail on the bird. The third painting is a 'Koala' and even though the artist would like to do more work on it at a later stage, I am delighted with her positive and direct approach to her work. The last painting is a very well done image of a 'kelpie-cross' where the artist has really captured the very expressive look and nature of the dog. Our young artist in the States couldn't manage to get her piece done this week, she had a kayak in mind,  but hopefully she will have time for 'L' next week. Fantastic work everyone!

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