Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This week has been wonderfully social for me as I have had my sisters staying with me and we have been out and about seeing the sights and having some delightful lunches in this gorgeous gourmet region in which I live. So there has not been much art happening at all until today when I could sit down quietly and draw my 'I' piece, no pun intended! This is just a quick sketch that took me an hour. It is only 6" x 8.5" and although it captures the character and light on the bird, I find it very difficult to stop at this point and have an insatiable urge to want to continue and to keep adding so much more detail! This is what is so wonderful about this challenge for me, I'm getting some nice little sketchy pieces done without all the fiddling! This unusual bird is an Ibis (Waldrapp). I took this reference photo years ago and was captivated by it's unattractive appearance but also found it fascinating from an artistic point because of it's random feather structure . Sadly these birds are critically endangered and are under a breeding program in captivity to help increase numbers.

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