Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This is a very exciting week indeed as we have had a new artist join us who lives in the United States, so our challenge has now become international! I met this lovely young girl whilst I was Artist-in-resident at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming recently. She has a lot of talent and is passionate and dedicated to her artwork, all great qualities for her to pursue a career in art. So here they are for the week: firstly is 'Interior', a soft watercolour that has caught the mood and lovely warm colours of a warm, sunny room. Next is 'Island sunset over the North Sound' from our new artist, a very nice piece that has captured the serenity in the still waters of the sound in a nice composition. Then we have 'Icelandic horse', a small oil painting that shows the character of this stoic horse along with a nice cool background in keeping with his origins and melding in the shadows on the horse. Then we have 'Indian', a charcoal drawing that I am very impressed with. The artist has really caught the emotion in the face and she has handled the textures of skin, beads and feathers with great precision and care, well done and an excellent effort from you all. I look forward to seeing what happens in your artistic lives over the next week... on to 'J'!

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