Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This is a very exciting week indeed as we have had a new artist join us who lives in the United States, so our challenge has now become international! I met this lovely young girl whilst I was Artist-in-resident at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming recently. She has a lot of talent and is passionate and dedicated to her artwork, all great qualities for her to pursue a career in art. So here they are for the week: firstly is 'Interior', a soft watercolour that has caught the mood and lovely warm colours of a warm, sunny room. Next is 'Island sunset over the North Sound' from our new artist, a very nice piece that has captured the serenity in the still waters of the sound in a nice composition. Then we have 'Icelandic horse', a small oil painting that shows the character of this stoic horse along with a nice cool background in keeping with his origins and melding in the shadows on the horse. Then we have 'Indian', a charcoal drawing that I am very impressed with. The artist has really caught the emotion in the face and she has handled the textures of skin, beads and feathers with great precision and care, well done and an excellent effort from you all. I look forward to seeing what happens in your artistic lives over the next week... on to 'J'!


This week has been wonderfully social for me as I have had my sisters staying with me and we have been out and about seeing the sights and having some delightful lunches in this gorgeous gourmet region in which I live. So there has not been much art happening at all until today when I could sit down quietly and draw my 'I' piece, no pun intended! This is just a quick sketch that took me an hour. It is only 6" x 8.5" and although it captures the character and light on the bird, I find it very difficult to stop at this point and have an insatiable urge to want to continue and to keep adding so much more detail! This is what is so wonderful about this challenge for me, I'm getting some nice little sketchy pieces done without all the fiddling! This unusual bird is an Ibis (Waldrapp). I took this reference photo years ago and was captivated by it's unattractive appearance but also found it fascinating from an artistic point because of it's random feather structure . Sadly these birds are critically endangered and are under a breeding program in captivity to help increase numbers.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


'H' week has come round very quickly and one of our members has had to travel away from home to visit her sick father and was not able to get her piece done in time which is quite understandable. We have however, had some very nice 'H' artwork for the week and interestingly they are all drawings this time. Firstly we have 'horse' which is a nice free flowing piece that captures the freedom and movement of the running horse. Next is a very well executed drawing of 'horn' belonging to a sheep where great texture has been developed. Our third piece is 'Highland horns' a very spontaneous little drawing that clearly has captured the character of these wonderful animals.


There seemed to many choices for 'H'... horses, Herefords, hippos but I chose to paint a Hornbill, a bird native to Africa and with a very special character that sets it apart from the hundreds of birds it shares the savannah with. They are a large bird and mainly forage on the ground, hence their name of Southern Ground Hornbill. I took this photo on my recent trip to Tanzania whilst in the Serengeti. This is an oil study at 6" x 8" oil on gessoed board.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


'G' week has arrived and as usual it is wonderful to see the varied subjects and media that our participating artists have chosen for the letter g. The first piece is a study of geese in pen and ink showing a few different aspects of the geese, nicely capturing their character.  Secondly is a small, juicy bunch of grapes done in oil, a nice little study where the subject has been rendered very well, looking round and firm. A nice relaxed drawing of 'grandson' in an expressive, loose style. I like the way this has been handled with the use of negative space. The fourth piece is 'Gone to ground' an oil painting of horse and hounds that has been well executed with nice colour and contrast. Thank you all again for sending in your images and enjoying sharing your weeks studies in our ABC challenge. Next week we are on to 'H' already... I wonder what we'll see!

'G' is for giraffe!

I'm a little late this week with getting our artwork up but I didn't get a chance to get my 'g' piece done whilst I was away, so here is a hurried little study of a giraffe. I've had this image in my mind for some time and would like to paint it one day. The colours of the early morning light are soft and subtle and I love the line of the giraffe's neck although I think I will add more body to the painting. The study gives me a basis to work from.

Friday, July 19, 2013


I have returned home from my two weeks in the U.S. much richer for the experience. Five days of my trip was as Artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. The museum has developed this wonderful interactive program where artists can demonstrate their art making process and involve the visitors by allowing them some hands-on participation, in my case with pencils and paper. I supplied some reference photos of animals and birds which they could choose to draw in full or in part. I specifically targeted the 'eyes' and had a step-by-step guide of developing a horses eye in pencil. The museum was a wonderful host and made me feel most welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with the many visitors who were there to enjoy the wonders of wildlife art that are on display at the museum.

'F' artwork

Now that I've found the remaining two artworks for 'F' week, I can post them! My quick 6" x 8" study is of a Fresian cow, oil on gessoed board. 

Also we have a lovely gouche painting of Fish from Nic. I really like the composition here, it has a nice flow along with the balanced colour and movement of the fish, well done!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'F' week

This week finds me in the US where I am Artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Wildlife Art and thanks to my iPad I can get these great 'F' pieces of art posted. Firstly we have Fly, a really nice composition of some pelicans in flight. Then our latest artist to join for the week with Fish is a colourful piece from Ashli. Then Filly Foal in oil and also a relaxed Feline in pencil. My apologies to Nic for misplacing her photo. I will have to post it with mine when I get home. Thank you all for your efforts, it's great to see your work for the week.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'E' week for the artists

We have had another artist join us for our 6 month challenge of producing an artwork every week with using the alphabet as our subject selector and already we are up to 'E'. Well done to everyone getting their work in to be posted tonight. It's so interesting to see our choices each week, not only of subjects but of different media as well. I am not sure if I will be able to post the next two weeks whilst I'm away but I will try, so send your work in just the same!
Our first piece this week is "Equine", a lovely soft pencil drawing that has captured a horse at rest. Then some colourful "Eucalyptus flowers" done in coloured pencil with a nice composition. Then another strong piece which matches the subject titled "Eagle-eyed" rendered in oil and lastly another oil that tells an interesting story of two "Emus" wandering down the road. Well done to you all on achieving a great week of "E's".

'E' week

Tuesday has arrived very quickly and it's time to post our subjects of 'E' for the week. I had planned to paint an egret for my subject but the week has been very busy and instead I am using part of a drawing that I am working on at present, so a sneak preview of a new one, pretty easy to guess what it is by these 'Eyes'!