Saturday, June 8, 2013

ABC Challenge

Two of my regular students have chosen to go back to part-time work this year and were recently lamenting the fact that they had less time for their art and found that their one day off was often dwindled away with the everyday mundane activities and that there was just not enough art happening. They felt that they needed an art 'focus' for that day so we set up a weekly challenge and chose the alphabet as our common reference. So one piece a week, first week starting with 'A', second week starting with 'B' and so forth. The rest of the guidelines are very loose, any subject, any medium and any size. It will be interesting to see our different choices appear each week. I have set myself a time restriction of an hour so that the work stays loose and spontaneous. If any readers would like to join the challenge, please do, we would love to see you here!
My first piece is "Angus cattle study", 6" x 6" oil on gessoed board. It did take me a bit over an hour to complete.

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