Sunday, June 30, 2013


I leave towards the end of this week for the States, where part of my visit will be as Artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. In preparation, I had my 5 drawings at the framers at the end of  May to allow plenty of time to frame them. I collected them on Thursday, labelled them all and then took them to be shipped off to the States on Saturday. Friday saw me deliver two new graphite drawings to the Old Post Office Gallery in Seymour where they will be available for viewing and for sale. So a busy week with many miles on the road but productive with all projects completed now, just the packing left to do...!

These are the five graphite drawings that will be on display at the museum whilst I am there.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More 'D' artworks

The other 'D' artworks are in from the three diligent artists that are willing to take up the ABC challenge and all are having lots of fun doing so. We have a lovely strong oil on canvas piece called "Dog and draughts", then a very nice watercolour called "Daisy" and the third artwork is "Ducklings", a watercolour inspired by the style of the Chinese painters. Thank you all for sending in your images this week. Don't forget, if you are tempted to join us in the fun of our weekly painting, just send me an email on, we would love to have you along!

'D' week

Well four weeks have gone by since our ABC challenge began and we're at the end of 'D' week already. I feel my piece is a bit 'ho-hum' this week but with the time limit I have put on myself to complete the studies there is no room fiddle and that is my goal, to produce something quickly without too many details! My piece this week is a Dingo, 6" x 6" oil on gessoed board. Now on to 'E' for next week...

Sunday, June 23, 2013


In just under 2 weeks I fly out to Jackson, Wyoming where I will be Artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Wildlife Art for the second week of July. I am very excited to be part of their education program and am looking forward to meeting the many visitors that pass through the museum and to share my art process with them. I have chosen to take my pencil work for a few reasons. The main one being that it is my first love in the media that I use for it's simplicity but in saying that, the hidden challenge is to produce a piece of fine art from just pencil and paper. Secondly, it can be the basis of any other media you choose to use by sketching out your ideas first before you embark on investing your time and effort on your original. Pencil work also aids us in the process of establishing values which is one of the key elements of any artwork. I have a great love for the western United States and look forward to getting out in to the wild and getting a dose of some magnificent wildlife. I love large animals and the bison is one of my favourites. This piece is one that I will be taking with me, it's 9" x 13" it's called 'Looking west'.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Three more 'C' pieces

For 'C' week, here are the works from the other three artists. This is so much fun as there is now four of us participating in the ABC challenge and it keeps a bit of pressure on when we know that the Wednesday deadline is looming! All of us have chosen animals or birds this week which is interesting although it is a common love to all of us. We have chooks, cranes and a cat... enjoy!  

'C' week

This week has flown by with 6 long, full days in the studio to finish off a commission piece which I will post in a little while. I did manage to squeeze in time to do this small pencil drawing of a Clydie, one of my favourite horse breeds. I had a few choices for subjects starting with c but went with this one, it is 5" x 10" and not quite finished. 

I scanned this image and can't seem to get it any larger than this!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More 'B's'...

I am a bit behind with the posts as we are actually in 'C' week but have two more lovely 'B' pieces, both done in watercolour. There is 'Bottoms', a lovely racehorse action piece and a more subdued painting called 'Brushes'. Thanks for sending in your paintings! The challenge is growing with another lovely lady joining us. She has started this week and sent in her 'C' piece. When they are all in, I will post them and then on to D...!

'B' week

This is my piece for 'B' week. It is a beautiful Brolga, our lovely native crane.
Again I set myself an hour to paint this but did go a bit over that time. I found I had to fiddle around with the eye and beak to get it right and it was a bit tedious in such a small area. This is 6" x 6" oil on gessoed board.

These little studies are for sale at $75 each. Please email me if you are interested.

'A' week

'A' week kicked off with two more pieces arriving from the girls. We have an 'Andalusian' in watercolour and some 'Apples' done in pen and wash. Thanks to both of you for sending them in. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

ABC Challenge

Two of my regular students have chosen to go back to part-time work this year and were recently lamenting the fact that they had less time for their art and found that their one day off was often dwindled away with the everyday mundane activities and that there was just not enough art happening. They felt that they needed an art 'focus' for that day so we set up a weekly challenge and chose the alphabet as our common reference. So one piece a week, first week starting with 'A', second week starting with 'B' and so forth. The rest of the guidelines are very loose, any subject, any medium and any size. It will be interesting to see our different choices appear each week. I have set myself a time restriction of an hour so that the work stays loose and spontaneous. If any readers would like to join the challenge, please do, we would love to see you here!
My first piece is "Angus cattle study", 6" x 6" oil on gessoed board. It did take me a bit over an hour to complete.