Friday, November 30, 2012

Commission of Gus

I am currently working on a small painting, 12" x 10" of 'Gus', a lovely Border Collie that lives nearby. Fortunately Gus could come over for a photo shoot that gave me plenty of time to get acquainted with him which really helps me transfer his personality to the painting. Once his owners chose the pose they liked the best, I then emailed them the preliminary sketch. This is only a tonal sketch to show the composition and is in no way an accurate, finished drawing. They were happy with the sketch and so I will begin the underpainting.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spring Carnival of horse racing

With all the excitement of the Spring Carnival that sweeps Melbourne at this time of year, a new exhibition called 'Art Horses and Equine Art' is on show at Media House Gallery in Collins Street until the 16th November. When I was invited to participate in the show, the curator was specifically after at least one equine piece that had a racehorse theme... did I have anything... unfortunately, not! As I had a time restraint of less than 4 weeks and due to it's large size for the venue, I was unsure whether to take on the project or not. I decided I was up for the challenge as I feel it brings out strengths and weakness that lurk within. I had to approach my painting technique in a totally different way, no underpainting, just straight in with thick paint and little overpainting which I was keen to try in the forced situation. No time for noodling with colours, a good thing, make a decision and go for it! Not the way I have ever painted but excellent to experiment out of necessity. The painting was 36" x 48" and so was physically demanding at times but in some respects easier to work on using bigger brushes. My painting days were long and at times I painted on while being tired which I normally don't do and therefore found that quite challenging. With the days ticking away, I felt under a bit of pressure but managed to finish it in time, even though it was slightly wet on delivery. To sum up- I'm glad I took on the challenge as I learnt that I am adaptable in changing my painting ways for the situation, a bit like painting outdoors compared to the studio! Unhappy about having to rush it though and would have preferred to re-work some areas but glad that I was able to adapt to a change of pace!

"The Place-getters"  36" x 48"