Friday, September 7, 2012


"On parade"  10.5" x 12.5"

There's something very special about Clydesdales, gentle giants that are so entrenched in our history. They make wonderful subjects and this fellow was part of the Carlton United Brewery team, all decked out in his finery to be on parade. I found all the textures a real treat to work on in graphite. I will be putting this drawing into print in the near future.


  1. Just wanted to compliment you on your beautifu drawings. Although I can paint, I have never tried tonal drawing with pencil, I can draw with colour pencil and pastel but not graphite pencil. I tried a drawing the other day as I had brought a set of those thick graphite pencils but I was really disappointed with the attempt. There is a brillant young graphite artist named Jamie Boots, the way he does fur is amazing. I guess I need to buy a book on pencil art so I can learn to draw properly! Fantastic drawings Kate!
    Best wishes
    Vickie Ferns

  2. Thank you Vickie for your kind words and taking the time to comment. Don't be put off by your first attempt at a graphite drawing, it takes practice and the type of pencils and paper has a huge bearing on the result, the smoother the paper, the more detail you will get as I did in the Clydesdale drawing. I am familiar with Jamie Boots work and his fur is amazing, he works on very smooth paper. Keep trying, it is such a rewarding medium to use!

    1. Thanks Kate, have I brought the correct pencils? I assumed you would need those thick pencils to be able to cover large areas neatly, as I guess sharp pencils would not be a good idea except for detail of course. I will buy some smooth paper,I was using normal drawing paper but perhaps there are smoother examples.
      Thanks again
      p.S years ago when I was at Art school, we went to an exhibtion and everyone critised the realist work in the exhibtion, particularly a very talented young woman who did graphite drawings of people. Yet it is realist work that the public want on the whole. I'm sure you know this but it seems a shame that prejudice is still being taught.

  3. What brand of pencils did you buy Vickie? I generally use Staedtler Mars Lumograph (the blue ones) on Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper 300gsm, from B to 5B and I do build up in layers which is what takes the time but I love the result. I also use Caran d'ache Grafwood pencils, all grades, on Canson Bristol board paper. This is the combination for the Clydesdale and the cheetah portrait which is a few posts earlier. Again I build up layers but the depth and detail is very realistic... takes ages though!!
    To cover large areas, it comes down to technique and the desired effect, whether detail is required or not. Changing to a blunter pencil and lighter hand will give you a covering effect and it's just practice too. Try these pencils and paper and let me know what you think.
    Your P.S. comment has made me think it would be a very interesting post on it's own which I will publish shortly and hope that we get some interesting comments, maybe even debates on, so stay tuned!
    Good luck,